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By day, the Grim Reaper has but one singular most important job for any grim reaper… to run their cat cafe located in the afterlife! But what’s a cat cafe without it being filled wall to wall with these cute furry friends, so as the cafe owner you must go out into the human realm and find more cats for the cafe. Not just any cats will do, only the finest supernatural cats are the flair your cafe needs, each equipped with their own special abilities and talents. But beware! Cats are known to be more independent creatures than the likes of any other pet, moreso if they’re a supernatural cat. You must convince each cat that coming to your cafe would benefit them, or face the consequences of daring to ask them to “submit” to your will. Will you be able to recruit all the supernatural cats in CATaclysm Cafe?

To recruit the cats first you have to go through the first phase, a puzzles where you have a limited amount of moves to reach the cat in question. If you don’t get to the cat before your moves run out you lose your chance to recruit the cat. The second phase of a level is a visual novel sequence in which you will have to convince the cat of the level to come to the cat cafe.


CATaclysm Cafe - Nekoplasm Studio.zip 114 MB

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